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“After my chronic sciatica flared up, I visited the physical therapist who had treated it before. After two months of regular PT sessions twice per week, it improved, but then quickly returned. Then I went to Lucy. After only three sessions, I enjoyed an 85% improvement, and felt better literally every day. I realized the difference was that Lucy worked on my tight muscles all the way up and down my spine, not just the area where the pain was localized. What a difference!” –Donna

Athletic injuries and musculoskeletal pain
“As an ultra-marathoner, I came to Lucy following the completion of the 1994 Leadville Trail 100-mile race. Her skill in myofascial trigger point therapy helped mitigate pain and soreness in my quads and lower back, which in turn expedited recovery and return to my regular training schedule. I have continued to be Lucy’s patient because she truly understands how athletes think, how our bodies work, and how to keep our bodies working over the long haul.” –Patrick

"My running career has spanned four decades and has included well over 100 marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons.  During that time I have battled a multitude of injuries.  At one point I had even contemplated giving up running altogether.  A good friend recommended that I go see Lucy Garcia for some myofascial trigger point therapy to see if that could keep me running.  That was almost 20 years ago and I'm still running and still going to Lucy every time an injury flares up.”--Kurt

Stress-induced pain
“I began seeing Lucy in the early 1990s suffering from chronic pain in my mid-back, brought on mostly by stress. In fact, the pain was so intense that I often had to work with one hand behind my back. I had no success with massage therapy. Pain medications had been totally ineffective, and even muscle relaxants couldn’t touch the pain. When Lucy began her treatments, I felt better almost immediately. I now see Lucy about once every six weeks to keep the pain away. Lucy gets the job done, and I walk out pain-free.” --Dorothy

Herniated disc
“I first sought Lucy’s treatment in 1995.  I had been suffering from neck pain due to a herniated disc along with severe headaches and numbness from neck to feet on my left side. I felt better immediately after my first treatment.  My headache and numbness disappeared.  Within a few days my neck pain abated and I could move my head without discomfort.

Lucy has the magic touch.  She knows exactly where to apply pressure and how much.  She is acutely sensitive to a person’s degree of tolerance.  She soothes and comforts while she is working, always aware of her patient’s reaction.  The treatment I have been receiving these many years has been consistent, considerate and kind.  Most importantly, it has been resoundingly successful.

The major results of Lucy’s treatments occur in my daily life.  I am virtually pain-free, can move with ease, have more energy.  When I do have ‘episodes,’ Lucy treats me and within a day or two I am mobile again.  I still see Lucy every few months for maintenance, or if I am suffering.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy to anyone with similar problems.  Her treatments work!  I would like to add that Lucy is a fine, caring and sensitive practitioner who is devoted to her patients.  She is the consummate professional.  Personally, she is joyful, humorous and intelligent.  She listens carefully to her patients’ words and to their bodies.”  --Joan

Generalized back and shoulder pain
“I sought Lucy’s treatment beginning in August, 2012, with severe pain in my  lower and upper back, as well as pain and tightness in my shoulders. Lucy’s myofascial trigger point therapy was a deep, tension-relieving experience that worked wonders on me when nothing else had. My stiffness was gone, and I could bend over without fearing I was going to fall. She is a gifted healer, a true professional.” –Darshan

What patients are saying…
“Lucy is friendly, professional, and takes a dedicated and serious interest in individual patients. She works hard to ensure your results are effective.” –Bill

“I had seen two myofascial trigger point therapists prior to Lucy, and was still in pain until I saw her. She has treated me for two frozen shoulders, a torn meniscus, and TMJ. Lucy is the best!” --Jan

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