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At Trigger Point Therapy ABQ, we treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction with manual myofascial trigger point therapy. Myofascial trigger point therapy is not massage therapy, nor is it physical therapy. Rather, myofascial trigger point therapy is based on a medical procedure targeting specific “knots” (trigger points) embedded in muscle tissue. These trigger points may cause pain or fatigue in a localized area of the muscle, or may “refer” pain to another area of the body. When a qualified and properly trained practitioner applies pressure to these trigger points, discomfort, distress, and dysfunction can often be relieved--even alleviated altogether. At Trigger Point Therapy ABQ, that’s our job.
Is myofascial trigger point therapy for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself…

• Do you experience cramping, dull aching, severe muscle pain, stiffness, or muscle imbalance?
• Do you have muscles that are particularly sensitive to pressure?
• Do you experience muscular tingling or numbness?
• Do you experience “shooting” pains in your arms or legs?
• Do you experience frequent headaches?
• Do you find that heat helps reduce pain and fatigue?

Of course, these symptoms can result from a myriad of causes. When in doubt, see your physician. But if you answered “yes” to more than a few of these questions, Trigger Point Therapy ABQ may be able to help.

Are you in pain? Call (505) 907-0608 today to see if Trigger Point Therapy ABQ can help!
  Lucy A. Garcia, B.S, M.S., Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist utilizes the Travell Trigger Point Injection protocol, pioneered by Dr. Janet Travell, who literally “wrote the book” on myofascial trigger point therapy. Specialties include…

Back, neck, and shoulder pain
Muscular soreness due to over-use
Athletic injuries and persistent musculoskeletal problems
• Physical symptoms resulting from PTSD or other stress-related conditions in Armed Services Members and Veterans
Workers’ Compensation injury rehabilitation
Headache and muscular pain related to stress, poor posture, low levels of physical activity and fitness
Knee, foot, and heel pain
Hip and spine pain
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San Gabriel Plaza

3900 Eubank NE
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